Howdy-Roo- May 5th, 2018 in Johnson Park Make your plans to attend...We need cooks but most of all judges.

posted Apr 3, 2018, 7:28 AM by Ruby Ross

Come judge Beans, BBQ, business chili or CASI chili.  We need judges for all categories.  There can't be a winner without good judges!!  Judging begins
at 10:30 & continues until 3 pm.  If you don't make the  first round of judging, you can always judge the next round of judging.  Come try it.  You will
enjoy judging.  Free beverages while judging!

47th Annual Howdy-Roo Chili & 24th Annual Bar-B-Q will be here before you know it! Make your plans to attend.

posted Mar 24, 2018, 6:19 PM by Ruby Ross

It will be held in Johnson Park, as always.  The fliers are circulating.  We need many judges so come join the fun & judge if you are not cooking.  If you want to pre-register mail to 502 East Avenue, M.F., Tx 78654 & I will receive it.  You will not have to stand in line at
registration this year. See you at Howdy-Roo May 5th in Marble Falls.  

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posted Mar 13, 2018, 9:12 AM by Ruby Ross

Highland Lakes Pod has a new facebook page that will be kept up-to-date.  Go to that facebook page if you can't find info on this page.  Thanks to Lisa Miller for keeping our facebook page current until now.
Barbara & James  will be keeping facebook up to date.  Thanks to them for their hard work on this.  Be patient with us.  As you all know I am not a computer 'whiz'.
I WANT TO MAKE A CORRECTION to our facebook page.  47th HOWDY-ROO CHILI & BBQ is hosted by HIGHLAND LAKES POD.  Clyde Griffin & HLP started this many years ago.
HLP invites all of you to come to Marble Falls and enjoy the Chili, Charity & Fun in beautiful Marble Falls.  There is not a member of the Pod that doesn't know one person can do this enormous, good job alone.
It takes many, many members to have a great CCO as 47th Howdy-Roo.  Our Great Pepper Craig Schlicke is doing a good job with all of the members assistance.  We want to increase each year and we will
be there for you when you roll in.  Chili, Charity & Fun!

Highland Lakes Pod hopes each one had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and we hope you have a Very Healthy and Happy New Year!

posted Dec 26, 2017, 2:41 PM by Ruby Ross

I hope you have a very BLESSED 2018

Great Pepper's Meeting Sept 8-10, 2017 in Tyson's Corner, VA

posted Aug 27, 2017, 7:43 PM by Ruby Ross

There are four openings on the Board of Directors.  Incumbents running are:  Cindy Noe, Mary Ellen Gillen & Don Hoy.  New candidate is Kit Rudd.  Good luck to all.  The Board of Directors is a very important & time consuming job.  We appreciate all of our Directors and thank all of you for your dedication to CASI.  Thank you! Thank you!

CASI and chili cooks have lost some very special members recently.  They will all be missed dearly.  Our thoughts & prayers are with their families.  God Bless you all.

You still have time to get those chili & show points if you haven't qualified.  Good luck! You have until Oct 1st.

Great Pepper's Meeting, Tyson's Corner, Virginia Sept 8-10

posted Jun 26, 2017, 2:16 PM by Ruby Ross

Most of our Great Peppers are planning their trip to GP Meeting in Virginia.  The Rule Changes are out & available.  Your GP will probably be discussing them with their members before Sept. The T-Shirt contest ends July 1st.  I am anxious to see our new T-Shirt.

HLP 2017-18 officers elected..

posted Jun 14, 2017, 4:02 PM by Ruby Ross

At a recent meeting new officers for the coming year were elected.  Great Pepper(pres) Craig Schlicke  Pepper-Popper (V pres) Johnny Campbell;
Chili Scribe (sec) Carrie Kinnison; Chancellor of Exchili(treas) Ruby Ross.  Directors elected are Fred Westerman, James Bauer, Larry Kinnison and Doug Seelig.  Ruby Ross will serve as Regional Referee with Craig Schlicke, Carrie Kinnison, Larry Kinnison & Doug Seelig taking Area Referees.
HLP members want to give a big THANK YOU to Carrie for her dedication & leadership for the past two years & the 3 years previously as GP.  Your leadership kept things running smoothly.  We do appreciate you.  Thanks

HLP just sponsored our 46th Annual Howdy-Roo which was very successful!

posted Jun 8, 2017, 5:00 PM by Ruby Ross

The members of Highland Lakes Pod from the 46th Howdy-Roo Regional chili, BBQ Cookoff. Business Chili,  bean cookoff and our many activities were able to present our 3 charities a total of $14,000.  The charities were very active in making this a success also.  We owe them a "Thank You" for all their work.   Thanks to our leaders Doc & Carrie and to each HLP member and members of SOT, who are co-host, for all your dedication and hard work.    We did it again! 

Hope everyone had a great & safe Thanksgiving. Time to get our thoughts on cooking chili & getting those points.

posted Nov 26, 2016, 11:09 AM by Ruby Ross

ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR!  New CCO at Pecan Grove Store-5344 Hwy 16-Fredericksburg, Tx  CASI Entry $20  Turn-in 2 pm  Registration 8 am  Tasting Cups will be sold..please bring extra chili.  Charity TX Exes Scholarship Fund  This is a new location & looks like a great venue for CCO.  We will be able to drive-in & unload our supplies & have a parking area for us to park.  This is a good opportunity to promote chili & CASI in a new area.  Fredericksburg has numerous RV Parks, shopping & dining.  Great for Christmas shopping.  Please no alcohol in cooking area.  Lone Star Beer $1.50 all day.  The owner Rick Martin, CASI lifetime member, is donating beer & water for judging.  Plenty of room in the Pecan bottom for cooks & shows with entertainment throughout the day.  Contact Rick 830-990-4433; Abbi; Ruby  See you there!!

Congrats to our TICC winner Lisa! She will be an excellent representative for CASI.

posted Nov 14, 2016, 8:54 AM by Ruby Ross

Special congrats to our own HLP GP, Carrie Kinnison on placing 18th out of 332 cooks.  Other HLP members were Mollie Truitt 20 th, Sue Caffey-13th, Lynn Hejtmancik 17th,  Sherry Haynes 10th & Bucky Seelig 6th.  WTG! (if I
missed someone Congrats!)  All of the winners are on facebook & will be in The Trails.  Congratulations to all show winners   So proud you showed & are keeping Show alive in CASI.  Congrats to Mike Park for head show judge..job well done. 
Our thanks to all our directors (outgoing & incoming) for a great TICC.  Our 50th was outstanding.  A very good celebration.  CHILI, CHARITY, FUN  was definitely the theme.  Thanks again for all you do for CASI.
Please mark Dec 10th on your calenders.  We have  new CCO in Fredericksburg The Coop, 607 Main St
No RV parking but plenty of RV parks in the area , shopping & dining.  We will unload our supplies & all cook together in the back.  I am meeting with Abbi Tues to get everything set up.  It looks like a great location to have annual CCO and promote CASI.  Entry fee $20, turn-in 2 pm, chili grind only.
More details to  follow.

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