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52 Barbecue teams cooked / 161 chilis judged

posted May 8, 2012, 2:40 PM by Ruby Ross   [ updated May 16, 2012, 6:54 AM ]
Top 20 in chili received trophies (20 out of 161 is not bad at all)
11. Pat Dreibrodt
12. Brent Allen
13. Matt Jones
14. Shawn Hoy
15. Gary Plocheck
16. Jason Goains
17. Lynn Delgado
18. Sue Caffey
19. Sherry Maus
20. Frank Fox
Lonestar Barbecue Assn recognizes top 10 places
Brisket                                      Pork Spare Ribs                                    Chicken
Carl Schwope                        Jason Hidalgo                                  Tyler Coffey
Robbie Hawkins                     Darwin Hoel                                    Michael Saldana
Tyler Coffey                          Johnny Campbell                              Carole Ritter
Trini Banda                           John Cayce                                      Sonny Bade
Darwin Hoel                          Harvey Gebhard                                Dale Wleczyk
Jason Hidalgo                       Carole Ritter                                     Trini Banda
Curtis Kuetsch                       Robert Gott                                      Matt Cogburnl
Harvey Gebhard                     Sonny Bade                                      Darwin Hoel
Harold Williamson                  Brad Fowles                                     Jeff Briggs
Colleen Gott                          Robbie Hawkins                                Blu Kriska  
Grand Champion  - Tyler Coffey                            Reserve Champion  - Darwin Hoel    
Congratulations!  Thanks to all  barbecue cooks..We appreciate you.
Thanks to Lone Star Barbecue Assn for their hard work.