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Great Pepper's Meeting-Sept 7-Arlington, TX

posted Jul 30, 2013, 8:15 AM by Ruby Ross
As you can see I have been a little slack on the website.
The Highland Lakes Pod has elected officers & directors for 2013-2014.
Great Pepper-Larry "Doc" Kinnison
Pepper Popper- Fred Westerman
Chili Scribe-Carrie Kinnison
Treasurer-Ruby Ross
Directors: Sharon Roy, Johnny Campbell, Tamara Dees, Melba Westerman.
Thanks to this group for stepping up to the plate!
Congratulations to Mary Ellen Gillen being elected to Board of Directors to fill Roger Foltz
position.  Let's give her our support.
Great Pepper's Meeting Sept 7, 2013 in Arlington, Tx.  We have new candidates running for the board.  Be sure to visit with them, discuss their ideas, & thank them for running. The candidates deadline to run for Board of Directors is August 15th.  I will post the list after this date.
I am excited I will be able to attend the GP meeting this year.  I'm sure there have been many changes since I last attended.  God Bless America!