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Great Pepper's Meeting-Sept 7th-Arlington, Texas

posted Aug 16, 2013, 7:41 AM by Ruby Ross
The deadline for GP Credentials was Aug 10th.  I hope you got yours in before the deadline. This doesn't take much effort & it certainly helps the ED, Richard Knight.
Great to have these folks running for CASI Board of Directors
Current BOD re-running for election:
Lee Kroenecke
Glenda Vrba
New Candidates for BOD
Tim Collier
Kris Hudspeth
Patti Meyers
Harvey West
Thanks to these CASI members for running.  Without you there is no CASI.
Congratulations to all members who have qualified--Ruby Ross qualified Sat in Bastrop..Yippee
Good luck to everyone who is still looking for points.  There is still enough time...
Good luck to the 'point hogs'! It is nip-n-tuck.  Mama Sue is in the lead at this time with Sandy,
Becky & Jason close behind.
Sep 14, 2013-Burnet, Tx CASI.  Hoover Valley Code 3 CCO held @ 3835 FM 2342 (Camp Buckner).
Lonestar BBQ Cookoff also.  HLP will be assisting Steven with this CCO. We are meeting with Steven
Sat & will have more details later.  Camp Buckner is between Burnet & Buchanan Dam.