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Highland Lakes Pod Elects New Officers for 2014-2015

posted Aug 18, 2014, 8:52 AM by Ruby Ross
Great Pepper - Carrie Kinnison
Pepper Popper - Craig Schlicke
Secretary - Cany Schlicke
Treasurer - Ruby Ross
Directors - Melba Westerman, Tamara Dees, Johnny Campbell, Doc Kinnison, Fred Westerman & Sharon Roy.
Regional Referee - Ruby Ross  Area Referees: John Goforth, Bucky Seelig, Craig Schlicke, Doc Kinnison, Carrie Kinnison
We are excited to welcome Craig & Candy Schlicke to our HLP.  They are good members & very hard workers.  Craig & Candy have promoted their 1st CCO in Spicewood over Memorial Day.  Very successful.  Thanks for joining our Pod.
Thanks to Doc Kinnison for his past service of Great Pepper.
All GP should have their reservations & be registered for GP Meeting...and guests
2014 GP Meeting - Director Nominees                
Regular Election                                Special Election                    Executive Director
Mary Ellen Gillen                                Jenny Windsor                     Ted Fichtl
Richard Knight                                   Susan Armand
Cindy Noe
Harvey West
Thanks to these directors for having the interest in CASI to run.  Thanks to past directors for your time & hard work for CASI.
This is also 'Rule Changing' year.  I feel everyone needs to think of rule changes & make sure they are really needed.  My opinion maybe we need to drop a few.  Some members don't follow the ones we have.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at GP meeting.  Think before you vote!
Chili, Charity & Fun!
Mark your calendars for Dec 31st, Jan 1st,  Jan 2nd & Jan 3rd in Kingsland, Texas.  HLP is having our ?? annual Chili cook offs again this year.  Game night New Year's Eve--- CCO Thurs 2pm turn-in--- Golf, shopping & wine touring on Fri -chili turn-in 5 pm---CCO on Sat turn-in 2 pm.  If you all know Carrie & Craig as I do there will be plenty of food.  All you have to do is come join the party & ENJOY the FUN!!!!