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Jessie Waguesack is the winner of 43rd Howdy-Roo CCO!

posted May 5, 2014, 8:40 PM by Ruby Ross
Congratulations to Jessie & all the winners!  It was a very successful & Fun 43rd Howdy-Roo.  163 Chili cooks were judged & 62 BBQ teams participated.  Clint Swindall is Grand Champion and Reserve Champion is Lance Williams.  Congrats to all BBQ winners.
(I apologize to all the winners for making the checks payable as I did.  I was giving you recognition for placing. Endorse check as is & sign your name underneath. The American Bank will honor these checks.)  Again I apologize for the inconvenience.
Bean winners: 1st Jessie Waguesack-2nd Robert Nelson-3rd Johnny Malik- 4th John Caffey-5th Barbars Taylor-6th Cathy Edmondson-7th Sue Caffey- 8th Dwayne Gorneal- 9th Ronnie Chapa- 10th Donna Conrad.  61 beans were judged
Highland Lakes Pod thanks you for participating & invite you back next year.  First weekend in May.