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Many Thanks to Directors & Pods involved in 2014 GP meeting! A job well done

posted Sep 9, 2014, 8:46 AM by Ruby Ross
New Executive Directors are:
Executive Director- Ted Fichtil
President-Richard Knight
Vice President - Harvey West
Secretary - Kris Hudspeth
Treasurer - Mary Ellen Gillen
Board Member Directors:
Tallymaster - Jenny Windsor
Ranch Manager - Robert "Wappo" Schrade
Store Director - Susan Armand
Membership/Krazy Flats - Tim Collier
Upcoming - Patty Meyers-Jones
Financial Committee Chairman - Cindy Noe
Congrats to these directors & thanks for stepping up to the plate. I felt very good when I left this meeting..I feel the future of CASI looks much better.  There was a lot of communication & from the feeling I got 'The Social Media & Negativity" is our main problem.  I fell everyone will be working together this year.
One of the main issue was Paul Mulkey challanged all CASI Pods to donate $100 toward Port-a-Potty fund.  This will relieve pressure on our finances & this is a necessity & convenience we all enjoy.  Thanks to all CASI Pods.  Great deal!  This is how we got our first potties at TICC in 1989.  Great idea!  The GP Meeting is history & we need to move forward to increasing our membership & greater things.  Thanks to everyone involved.  Special thanks to Alan Dean for letting me represent Pod on Pedernales.
MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!  Highland Lakes Pod's CCO Jan 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.  More details later.