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September 2012

The 2011-2012 Chili Year is about to be history!  One more weekend to get those NEEDED POINTS to qualify for Terlingua.  Congratulations to everyone that has qualified. If you have not received your qualifying pin from the HLCP, please let Carrie know so that she can make sure you have yours.  If you are chasing them careful traveling this last weekend and GOOD LUCK!
Thank You CASI for another Successful Great Peppers Meeting and Congratulations to the New and Returning directors.  Thanks to all outgoing directors and 2012-2013 directors for your time and dedication to CASI.  This years directors are:  Ed Blair-President, Jim Ezell-Vice President, Darrin Jester-Vice President (re-elected 3 yr term), Jenny Windsor-Tally Master, Glenda Vibra-Membership, Roger Foltz-Secretary (re-elected 2 yr term), Lee Kroencke-PR/IT, David Sexton-Treasurer, Richard Knight-Executive Director (newly-elected 2 yr term), Robert Shrade-Ranch Manager (re-elected 3 yr term), and Randy Duke-Terlingua Trails (newly-elected 2 yr term).
The 2012-2013 pod officers are:  Doc Kinnison-Great Pepper, Fred Westerman-Pepper Popper, Ruby Ross-Treasurer, Carrie Kinnison-Secretary/Membership.  Directors are:  Johnny Campbell, Sharon Roy, Fran Barron and Melba Westerman.  Regional Referee-Sharon Roy.  Referees-Carrie Kinnison, Ruby Ross, Larry Kinnison and Bucky Seelig.
I want to take this time to thank Ruby Ross for creating the Highland Lakes Pod website.  Please find out more information about The Highland Lakes Pod by visiting
With the 2012-2013 Chili Year beginning October 1st it is time for us to start accumulating our chili points for Terlingua 2013.  It is also time to start preparing for our road trip to Terlingua.  There are many activities planned for the week at the CASI Ranch.  Thursday evening 4:30-6:30 is The Central Texas Happy Hour at The Stateczny Camp sponsored this year by SAP CASI Pod.  The theme for this years annual membership drive for the Central Texas Pods is "The Mad Hatter."  Members are asked to bring a snack food, volunteer to setup/decorate starting at 3 PM and help cleanup immediately after the event.  Please contact Carrie at 281-615-2408 or if you would like to help her sign up members during the Happy Hour.  Help is needed throughout the week at the CASI Ranch.  BE A VOLUNTEER!
There is another NEW YEAR coming around and that would be "2013".  The Highland Lakes Pod is hosting three CCO's....CAST-OFF/Saturday, December 29th * Just Because/Sunday, December 30th * New Years CCO/Monday 31st at The American Legion Post 437, 118 Legion Loop in Kingsland, TX.  There is plenty room for Day Cooking and RV parking (NO HOOKUPS).  RV's can start parking on Thursday, December 27th.  There is a nice parking lot to park RV's, please be patient as we need to park efficiently to get everyone parked.  You are welcomed to come early and do some sightseeing, golf, shopping or just some R&R.  CAST-OFF is where we use trophies donated that cooks just don't want to treasure anymore or just out of room and need to make room for new trophies.  If you have any of these kind laying around, please bring them to Carrie at TICC or before the middle of December.  If your into golf contact Doc @ 830-613-866/  We will have "Community Breakfast" at 9 AM on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The breakfast is for all to enjoy and get a Jump Start for the day.  The food for breakfast is donated by the cooks and prepared by volunteers.  Carrie will have a list of what she needs for each morning.  Please bring your items to her the day before.  Evening meals will be served 6:30 PM chili time.  Saturday is Pull Pork and trimmings.  Desserts and snacks are welcomed, Sunday is Potluck and Monday New Year Eve is Potluck (ham & black-eyed peas furnished by the pod).  Our entertainment for New Years Eve will be Games, Music and Fellowship with our Chili Family so make your plans to JOIN THE FUN!
The pod would like to express our condolences to the families and friends of so many of our chili family who have passed in the recent months the most recent being Dee Lubker, Phil Barnes and Clyde Griffin.  Their friendship will live on in our thoughts and memories of the good times.  Sending a word of cheer and wishing better health to our loved ones in our chili family who are having some challenging times.  May you all recover soon and be back on the Chili Trail soon.
Our meetings are held at the Marble Falls EMS facility at 609 Industrial Blvd. in Marble Falls.  If you have not been a participating active member we encourage you to join us and share your ideas.  Meeting will be announced by email.  If you have any questions or comments you can contact Doc Kinnison.
See You On The Chili Trail
Doc, Great Pepper/Highland Lakes Pod
CHILI YEAR OCTOBER 1ST-SEPTEMBER 30TH!!!!  $5 Single/$8 Couple * Please mail your dues to Carrie Kinnison-PO Box 878-Marble Falls, TX 78654